NEW: Chocolate Chip Waffle Cookies (1 dozen)

  • $25.00

Each order comes with 1 dozen mini Waffle Cookies.

We are keeping you on your toes with another product that is sure to please! Introducing the first of its kind, the Original Waffle Cookie!

 What's so sweet about it?

These mini Waffle Cookies have notes of sugar dancing throughout with a nice bite to it, which pairs nicely with the flavor of butter (vegan of course), chocolate chips and vanilla. 

Partners in Crime:

The Waffle Cookie was made to be the right-hand to Oat Butter (Cacao Almond is highly recommended). If you're looking for an easy and fun way to eat your favorite spread, look no further!

Note: Waffle Cookies are not gluten-free, but are vegan and made with just 6 ingredients.

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